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The Ideal Lanyard of Your Own

Lanyards are definitely something college students and working professionals use every day without even realizing it. You would have it strung along your neck as you move about with your daily work or college activities, and it is most probably a dull and monotonous color and design. Now you have the option of getting a look that is more personalized with your swagger or class by creating your own promotional logo keychains with us. Also there is no minimum so you can order just one or many for your team.

The bands that make part of our customized keychains are made out of one hundred per cent polyester, and it is attached to a metal snap hook and a convenient plastic spring clip. The spring clip provides the practical use of allowing you to remove your keys in one swift movement. There is a width of 20.1 inches on the lanyard, thus providing you with ample space to insert your designs or texts. As you choose a design to customize your lanyard, you will be happy to see that we have more than 8300 designs waiting for you. All these designs have been divided into respective sections, which include Bestsellers, Animals & Nature, Love & Sex as well as Music. You could opt to have the designs placed right in the middle of the lanyards you make, or have it centered horizontally.

When it comes to text personalization, we have more than twenty specific fonts for you to opt for. The names of these snazzy fonts include Machine, Kids, Cutter and Freestyle. Have fun as you flip your favored phrase horizontally or vertically across the keychains. You could even go a step further by applying bold or italic features to the text you are using, or even a combination of both. Our font size runs from a tiny 15 right to a gigantic 91.

If you like, you could also upload an image of your own to use for the lanyards. Our key chain application is able to accept files that are as huge as ten megabytes, so you will not have to worry about the file size. The picture resolution is also catered for images between 50 by 50 pixels right up to 4000 by 4000 pixels. Do make sure the image or picture you are using is solely your own. If you are not the owner of the picture, we definitely recommend that you obtain the necessary green light from its owner before using the image for personalization.

On the subject of prints, we are proud to say that we offer four types of prints on our website. There is digital printing, flock printing, flex printing and special flex printing. Digital printing is the optimum choice for multi-colored images, whilst the others are in essence plot prints that are done with a smooth or velvety finish. The choice is purely your own as each print has its own definitive characteristic to contribute to the lanyards you are making with us. 


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